Registrar Lite

Registrar Lite 2.0

Registrar Registry Manager edits your registry with custom made tools

Don’t let your system configuration get the better of you. All the hard- and software configurations boil down to the Windows registry. By harnessing this extremely potent registry manager, your system can be optimized, allowing you to get the most from your registry. This is only too clear when one realizes that there is a multitude of tweaks per operating system and a clear description attached to each to help you navigate through the system optimization process.

The Registrar Registry Manager has been fitted with a complete package of custom made tools, each powerful and focused on the specific functions you need to edit your registry. Due to the built-in backup system, you can now rest assured that new hardware and software installation will remain intact in the event of a system failure. Should an action need to be undone, it can be done individually. In other words, it is no longer necessary to undo a whole set of actions just to undo one undesired action.

The Registrar Registry Manager makes it possible for you to mend broken Windows installations. This has been the saving grace of many administrators since the manager allows editing of the registry files. Your network can be managed remotely thanks to Registrar. It is possible to open each registry remotely in its own window and therefore allows you the same power and efficiency as if you were at the workstation. Defragmentation also becomes easy and fast with the registry defragmentation tool. Wasted hardware space can be recycled, undesired entries can be removed and non existing files can be tracked.

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